Dracaena massangeana cane is the best interior plant

Dracaena massangeana cane – The Houseplant That Survives Any Conditions

Dracaena massangeana cane is one of the best interior plants, not only because of its beauty, but also the meaningful of the plant. Another names of this plant is Mass cane, corn plant. It is one of several popular varieties of Dracaena.



There are some reasons why Dracaena massangeana cane  is so popular:

  • Dracaena massangeana cane (mass cane) is tolerant with  most indoor lighting conditions.
  • It is not expensive compare to other house plants. Dracaena massangeana cane is the cheapest dracaeana as well.
  • Because of its slow growth, it can fit in a paticular space for a long time and require less maintenance
  • Long leaves make the plant easy to clean.
  • Easy to watering.


 Dracaena massangeana cane is the top indoor plant, perfect for keeping in home or office beause of its strong vitality.

dracaena-massangeana-2 dracaena-massangeana-corn-plant

So, how to take care of mass cane?


This plant will show off their shinny leaves and removes various indoor air toxins. If you treated it well, its beautiful flowers in white and clusters would be bloom.

In strong light, the plant’s growth will speed up and need more fertilizer. But mass cane can also survive in low light.

corn-cane-2 massangeana-cane


  • In moderate light (indoor), the plant should be watered every week or two.
  • In areas with strong light, it may be necessary to leave some water in the liner and water more frequently.
  • In low light, you can water less frequently.

Sai Gon Hoa Corp. is one of the best place for you to buy Dracaena massangeana cane. We always guaranteed that all products we sell are good:

  • Top appearance (tight buds, healthy leaves)
  • Bushy appearance (well branched and well filled out)
  • Root appearance (healthy roots that hold soil without being rootbound)

Beside, we always focus on customer care. By choosing Sai Gon Hoa, you will receive trust and satisfaction. Further, you are also can be comfortable with our warranty policy

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